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Windows 7 secret folder

Here is a very interesting trick with Windows 7 that I found and wanted to pass it along.  This worked for me without issue on Windows 7 64-bit and It should work on Windows 7 32-bit aswell, but I cannot guarantee it will work for you.  Use this at your own discretion.

This little trick will allow you to create a folder on your computer that includes shortcuts to just about every windows setting you would have an interest in tweaking/changing.

Here’s what you need to do to get this special folder.  It will take a very short time to complete and most settings will be easily available to you!

Step 1: Go to the location you would like the folder to appear and create a new folder.
Step 1: Now, simply change the folder name to whatever you want (CHANGE FOLDERNAME) and put the following after the name you choose.


As an example if you wanted the folder to be called “Everything” you would change the folder name to “Everything.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}” (without the quotations).

The folder will now change and when you go inside it you will see a whopping amount of settings and options. 

It shows me numerous options in each of the following areas:

- Action Center
- Administrative Tools
- AutoPlay
- Backup and Restore
- Color Management
- Credential Manager
- Date and Time
- Default Programs
- Desktop Gadgets
- Device Manager
- Devices and Printers
- Display
- Ease of Access Center
- Folder Options
- Fonts
- Getting Started
- HomeGroup
- Indexing Options
- Internet Options
- Keyboard
- Location and Other Sensors
- Mouse
- Network and Sharing Center
- Notification Area Icons
- Parental Controls
- Performance Information and Tools
- Personalization
- Phone and Modem
- Power Options
- Programs and Features
- Recovery
- Region and Language
- RemoteApp and Desktop Connections
- Sound
- Speech Recognition
- Sync Center
- System
- Taskbar and Start Menu
- Troubleshooting
- User Accounts
- Windows Anytime Upgrade
- Windows CardSpace
- Windows Defender
- Windows Firewall
- Windows Mobility Center
- Windows Update

I hope this tip proves useful for you.  Below you should see a sample clip of the folder.

ImOnRecess website development status


This is a progress post to inform you on the development of this site.

I have been working a lot at enhancing this website.  If you have been following the progress made, you should have noticed the presence of the videos section.  I have been working on this section for quite some time now behind the scenes and have just added it today to the live site.  I am now going through and testing the website for consistency on many different web browsers. 

I have came across one interesting issue that I am starting to look into.  For some reason, on Macintosh based computers using Safari as a web browser, some of the image colors I have in the header are not appearing correctly.

I hope you are enjoying the growing selection of games and videos available to you on this site.  I plan on bringing you only quality minigames and good videos to watch.  The current status of is live and feel free to navigate around and play games. 

The games and videos on this site are (in my opinion) all worth your time to check out so enjoy your Recess!

Thanks for your time,
Mark Garland

This Website Is All About Having Fun!

This website is being created with you in mind and as such, your feedback is important.  Please use the contact form to let me know of any features you would potentially like added to this website.  I will take the comments I receive into consideration when working on improving the site.

I will be working on making this site one which you want to come back to time and time again!

Continuous improvement is what I aim to achieve!

Thanks for your visit,
Mark Garland

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