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Crazy Digger 2

Posted by Recess on February 02 2014

An Arcade logical puzzle game with gravity! New monsters and new crystals added. Now with level editor and extra user generated levels! Collect all diamonds to complete each level. Dig through the green tiles and don't let the stones or diamonds fall on your head.

Play Crazy Digger 2

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Banana Breakers

Posted by Recess on May 08 2013

Join the Banana Breakers, a crack team of code-breaking monkeys. Within each puzzle, four-to-six words are hidden for you to find. With each word that you enter, you'll be closer to cracking the code! Part word game, part logic puzzle, Banana Breaker's dynamically generated puzzles will keep you solving for hours

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Posted by Recess on April 17 2013

Welcome to Jeweltasia, a world of physics and magic! Match groups of 3 or more nearby jewels, and complete 50 levels of varying challenges. The wizard will give you some much needed power-ups along the way in this gravitational collapse game!

Play Jeweltasia

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Spaceman vs Monsters

Posted by Recess on April 08 2013

Help a brave space crew that landed on unknown planet to free itself from dangerous but very funny looking monsters.

Play Spaceman vs Monsters

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Funny Bees

Posted by Recess on November 20 2012

Help the lost bees to reach their hive and try to collect all the pots with honey you'll see through 25 levels!

Play Funny Bees

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Posted by Recess on August 17 2011

Biogems features awesome animations, sound effects, powerups and bosses.  This is sure to a favorite for those looking for intense action puzzle experiences.  Choose from multiple characters to travel through space and beat up on some baddies.  Make sure to keep an eye on your health and special meter to unleash the most powerful attack across the galaxy!

Play Biogems

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Posted by Recess on July 03 2011

Rats have became a germ in this world. They even bring some trouble to the guinea pig world. They intrude the guinea pig habitat to expand their territory. Marmoot, the guinea pig hero cannot stand the rats any longer. he must expel them with all his might. Help Marmoot by throwing tomato bombs to the intruders but beware don't hurt your friends. Featuring 50 levels with a good quality and funny art design. Marmoot will give you the challenge in each level.

Play Marmoot

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Pickies 2

Posted by Recess on June 28 2011

Pickies 2 is a puzzle based game that really makes you think. You match rows and columns of cute little pickies people!

Play Pickies 2

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Blow Things Up! 2

Posted by Recess on June 15 2011

There are good things, bad things, heavy things, balloon things, bouncy things and even fire things in this excellent sequel.  You can even make your own levels with an easy to use level editor and play a huge number of user created levels. Blowing Things Up has never been so much fun!

Play Blow Things Up! 2

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Polar Slide

Posted by Recess on June 06 2011

Polar slide is a fun puzzle game where you need to move all marked blocks to the designated destinations. Push and crack ice cubes with your bulldozer on your way to the goal!

Play Polar Slide

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