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Excellent course on the psychology of persuasion

Posted by Recess on February 10 2010

If there is one sure-fire way to get anything you want in life... it is associated with having the cooperation of other people.

Think about this: Without having the cooperation of others in your life, where would you be at right now? How would you get a job, go on a date, or have friends? People wouldn't respect you or even want to be in your company. It is the cooperation of others that is the underlining factor in a huge aspect of your life and you have to use persuasion to obtain it.


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ErrorFix - Speed up your PC

Posted by Recess on December 21 2009

If your pc based computer seems to go slow or slower than you think it should then this should help.

I have a thorough knowledge of computers and have fixed numerous computers over the years with problems ranging from slow computer speed to computers that won't even boot and start-up.


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Mammoth Memory - Power Thinking and Lazy Learning

Posted by Recess on December 12 2009

Have you ever thought about the difference between people who enjoy great success in their lives and those who have achieved moderate or little

Do "successful people" have significantly greater IQ’s? Are Bill Gates, Richard Branson, Barack Obama, or Alan Sugar significantly more intelligent than the majority of other people?

The answer is actually quite simple: No.


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Jamorama - Learn How To Play Guitar

Posted by Recess on December 03 2009

Have you ever wanted to know how to play guitar?

Have you ever wanted to learn how to play guitar like a true professional? Maybe you already know how to play guitar, but would like to improve your skills and play like Jimi Hendrix, The Eagles, or Eric Clapton.

Regardless of your experience - or lack thereof - and no matter what your reasons are for wanting to learn how to play guitar, Jamorama is a fun and easy way to learn how to play guitar like a pro! Beginning with your FREE LESSON, you will learn from step-by-step lessons taught by an experienced tutor.


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The Wii Fix Guide

Posted by Recess on December 01 2009

If you have a Wii, unfortunately you have the potential for an error arising that you just can't figure out how to solve.

Their are numerous issues that can potentially occur too. Issues such as a wii internet problem, a Wii disc read error, a problem with the Wii fit board, the disc may be stuck in the console, the wii remote won't power on, the wii may be freezing regularly, or a variety of other Wii related problems.

The good news however, is that if you do stumble upon a problem with your Wii system there is an easy solution.


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Learn To Read And Write In Another Language!

Posted by Recess on November 30 2009

If you have an interest in learning another language, then this interesting item may be perfect for you. It is also a great gift idea for anybody wanting to effectively learn a new language.

Whether you want to learn Spanish, Japanese, Italian, Hindi, German, French, Chinese, Arabic, or even Sign Language - Rocket Languages is for you.


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Flight Simulator Software - Flight Pro Sim

Posted by Recess on November 28 2009

Do you enjoy the thrill of flying? The anticipation as you board the aircraft, the excitment as the plane takes off, looking out the window and seeing the scenery disappear as you fly higher and higher into the clouds...

Now imagine being in the pilot's seat, with nothing blocking your view and being in full control.


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Brewii - Unlock Your Nintendo Wii Safely

Posted by Recess on November 27 2009

The Nintendo Wii is incredibly popular among many audiences. If you haven't played it yourself (or play it on a frequent basis), I'm sure you know of someone who has.

What you may not know about the Nintendo Wii, is that out of the box, it's functionality is limited. But it doesn't have to be!


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Green4Tea - Natural Miracle Remedy

Posted by Recess on November 26 2009

green4tea - Miracle Remedy

Imagine a simple tea bag that has the power to:

- Boost Energy
- Lower Cholesterol
- Aids Weight Loss
- Strengthen Bones
- Improve Circulation
- Sharpens Focus
- Helps Prevent Cancer
- Removes Toxins From Your Body
- And Much More...


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Magniwork Free Energy Generator

Posted by Recess on November 26 2009

How much do you pay for your electricity per month?
I’m sure it’s not $0.00!!

The following website introduces an interesting and cost-effective method to create energy without requiring any resource like wind or solar energy to function.You will learn how you can power your home for free!

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