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Brick Breaker

Posted by Recess on September 27 2009

Use the ball to break the bricks and make them disappear. When the ball falls down, catch it with the paddle. If the ball drops, you lose.

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Posted by Recess on October 08 2009

Bounce penguins to break the blocks.

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Posted by Recess on November 02 2009

This is a fun arcade type game with balls, blocks and paddles. The aim of the game is to get your score higher then your rivals in every level. The one who collects all 8 gems wins the level and gets extra points. 20 fun levels to play!

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Frozen Fun

Posted by Recess on November 14 2009

Frozen Fun is a game of hitting the objects on the snow hills with a snow ball!

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Faraon Arcanoid

Posted by Recess on July 25 2010

“You must take control of the paddle and attempt to destroy all of the blocks.  Not all blocks are created equal as some have different actions.”

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Fully Armored

Posted by Recess on May 01 2011

Explosive mixture of arcanoid and vertical space shooter with RPG elements. 20 levels with 5 boss levels, more than ten different enemies with special abilities.

There are more than 15 upgrades for the ship, from weapons to stationary guns and extra items. Bonuses, traps and much more.

Beautiful graphics and addictive gameplay. Destroy them all and save the world!

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