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Posted by Recess on September 17 2009

Gravity is an entertaining game.  It is a variation of the classic Moon-Lander game except this time around, the planet is round!

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Posted by Recess on December 20 2009

Luna is a very relaxing physics based game, in which you must pass eye-candy colored balls to the matching portals by controlling gravity direction.

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Wame : Original revisited

Posted by Recess on February 28 2011

This is a remix of a game called ‘same’ with the addition of gravity management.

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Posted by Recess on April 17 2013

Welcome to Jeweltasia, a world of physics and magic! Match groups of 3 or more nearby jewels, and complete 50 levels of varying challenges. The wizard will give you some much needed power-ups along the way in this gravitational collapse game!

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