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Hardy Game

Posted by Recess on March 22 2010

Test out your skills and complete this cool, difficult game

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Posted by Recess on May 17 2010

Welcome to the AltShift latest entry into the Negative Space Exploring Puzzler Shift! Which is the floor and which is the roof? Gravity flips, space changes and Spikes hurt!  Its got so much in it it might just explode! So get ready to have your mind warped by this brand new take on the Flash Classic!

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Fancy Footwork

Posted by Recess on June 25 2010

Move the square to avoid being hit by the circles. The circles speed will gradually increase, making the game harder.

Try and record the best time without crashing!

When you’ve got a score you’re pleased with submit it to the website and see how you compare to everyone else!

Fancy Footwork is a great game to play when you’ve got a spare 5 minutes or are sitting bored at your desk!

Try and get the best score you can and see if you can top one of the leader boards!

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Bumper Stumpers

Posted by Recess on July 05 2010

You are driving down the road and someone has a custom license plate, what does it stand for?

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Valkyrie: Battlefield

Posted by Recess on July 13 2010

A vehicular combat game where you are a mechanical suit (mech) pilot and have to battle opponents.

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Mahjong Tower

Posted by Recess on July 24 2010

Mahjong Tower is a puzzle game based on a classic Chinese game. The objective is to remove all the tiles from the board.

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More Bloons

Posted by Recess on August 20 2010

“50 more levels for the original Ninja Kiwi Bloons game”

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