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Miniclip Tetris

Posted by Recess on September 21 2009

An entertaining version of classic Tetris.

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Side Effect

Posted by Recess on December 04 2009

Place colored pieces into the game field to connect the center with the colored sides!  Weakening environment and the same time dynamic gameplay.  When you reach an achievement, check out the game’s upgrades & store section to get premium features as a free bonus gift!

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Tetword Pro

Posted by Recess on March 13 2010

Think tetris ... just with words and you get Tetword Pro!
There are 4 modes in this game: easy tetword, hard tetword, Not Letter(easy), Not Letter(hard).

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Craze Tetris

Posted by Recess on May 28 2010

This game is based off of classic tetris, yet it has a very unique difference. You need to control your role and keep it from flooding. You do this by climbing the tetris puzzle as you play to avoid the rising water!

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Posted by Recess on May 06 2011

Tritris takes the well oiled formula of Tetris from the 80's and puts a new spin on it. Control three separate games all at the same time. Lose one, and you gotta continue with the remaining games. Head-spinningly addictive and infuriatingly satisfying! Take a look for yourself.

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