Man vs. Wild - Eating Giant Larva

Man vs. Wild - Eating Giant Larva

Posted by Recess on April 21 2011

Ok, I may or may not be a good boyfriend...  

You see, I saw this video online of a clip from Man Vs Wild.  It's one where Bear Grylls eats a frighteningly large beetle larva, and by frighteningly large I mean HUGE.  It may be seen as being disgusting, but for some reason I wanted to share the video.

This is where my being a good (or not so good) boyfriend comes into play...  I got my girlfriend to watch this video... I thought it was funny, but she didn't think so much of it... for good reason I guess! lol
So here it is for all you to view, but I am giving you fair warning... IF YOU HAVE A WEAK STOMACH, DON'T WATCH THIS VIDEO, but otherwise, check it out! It's all natural and good knowledge to have.  I'm sure you'll love it!

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