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Kat and Bianca Straford may be sisters but all comparisons end there. Kat is an outspoken, independent feminist. Bianca is a social butterfly who wants nothing more to be popular, even if it means bowing to the whims of people like the demanding, Chastity Church. The series highlights the Stratford sisters as they experience the highs and lows of high schools, deal with their overprotective father and find love. In Bianca’s case this is her friend Cameron who has a huge crush on her, while Kat finds herself in an interesting relationship with school bad boy Patrick Verona.

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10 Things I Hate About You Season 1

Episode 20: Revolution
Date Aired: May 25, 2010

Description: Bianca quits the cheer squad; Kat runs for class president against Blank.Source: ABC Family
Episode 19: Ain't No Mountain High Enough
Date Aired: May 24, 2010

Description: Kat decides to study abroad in Nepal; Bianca has a hard time accepting Walter and Ms. Tharpe dating.
Episode 18: Changes
Date Aired: May 17, 2010

Description: Big announcements are made at Bianca's dinner party; Kat and Patrick consider consummating their relationship.
Episode 17: Just One Kiss
Date Aired: May 10, 2010

Description: Bianca sets Cameron up on a date with Dawn (Ally Maki) and Patrick tells Kat she’s free to date whom she chooses, so she does.
Episode 16: Too Much Information
Date Aired: May 05, 2010

Description: Patrick starts to act more mysterious than usual and Kat thinks he has done something bad, while Joey wants to be in "The Next Biggest Poser" a male modeling reality TV show. Kat then spies on Patrick with the help of Cameron.
Episode 15: The Winner Takes It All
Date Aired: Apr 26, 2010

Description: Bianca attempts to win a talent show until Chastity steals her song. Then right before going on stage, Chastity has technical difficulties and her mom tells her to drop out of the show. Will Chastity perform or will Bianca win the talent show and the grand prize of a walk-on role on "Make It or Break It"?
Episode 14: Meat Is Murder
Date Aired: Apr 19, 2010

Description: Kat teams up with a new British student in an attempt to pass a meatless lunch initiative; Bianca tries to regain Cameron's friendship by setting him up with a classmate.
Episode 13: Great Expectations
Date Aired: Apr 12, 2010

Description: Joey prepares a romantic dinner for Bianca, while Patrick teaches Kat about dining and dashing. Meanwhile Chastity, its dateless and goes undercover to the movies but runs into Cameron. And Walter briefs both Patrick and Joey on childbirth to try to discourage them from "overly" romantic gestures
Episode 12: Don't Trust Me
Date Aired: Apr 05, 2010

Description: Kat invites Patrick for dinner. Chastity tells her friends that Bianca was the one that kissed Joey. Cameron earns the moniker "Mr. Dependable".
Episode 11: Da Repercussions
Date Aired: Mar 29, 2010

Description: The second season starts exactly where the first one left off... Kat and Patrick have just been suspended for skipping school and Bianca is in a critical situation with Chastity, the much feared head-cheerleader, because of her secret relationship with Joey, Chastity's ex-boyfriend. Things take a sudden turn when Chastity finds out about Joey and Bianca's relationship and Kat and Patrick are forced to return to Padua High in order to allow Kat to take a test...
Episode 10: Don't Leave Me This Way
Date Aired: Sep 08, 2009

Description: Bianca and her new friend Dawn ask Cameron to help them with a new web reality show, so that Bianca can go in a shopping trip with Chastity. In order to get more viewers the girls realize that they need to be a little more adventurous. How far will they go to raise the money?
Episode 9: Fight for Your Right
Date Aired: Sep 01, 2009

Description: Kat and Bianca fight for their right to party. At the party Chastity and Joe have some problems of their own regarding their relationship. Patrick attempts to make amends with Kat after he deserted her at the dance.
Episode 8: Dance Little Sister
Date Aired: Aug 25, 2009

Description: When the soccer team captain, Beau Bradley asks Bianca go with him to Padua High's Fall Fling, she tries to convince Patrick to take Kat to the dance because her father will not let her go on a date until Kat does. Will Patrick help Bianca out? Meanwhile, Cameron overhears Beau talking about taking Bianca to a hotel after the dance, so he devices a plan to keep an eye on Bianca at all times and don't let Beau make his moves.
Episode 7: Light My Fire
Date Aired: Aug 18, 2009

Description: A brush fire emergency the has residents evacuated to Padua High where Bianca tries one more time to impress Chastity. This time though Chastity wants a private room all to herself and Bianca is the one saddled with finding it. Meanwhile, Kat and Patrick end up on the rooftop alone and one is hoping to express something deeply personal.
Episode 6: You Can't Always Get What You Want
Date Aired: Aug 11, 2009

Description: Bianca and her new friend Dawn ask Cameron to help them with a new web reality show, so that Bianca can go in a shopping trip with Chastity. In order to get more viewers the girls realize that they need to be a little more adventurous. How far will they go to raise the money? Meanwhile, Kat complains about the grading system in one of her classes. Luckily for Kat, the school counselor has a personal vendetta against this particular teacher. In the end, the whole experience leads Kat to some self-realizations that she did not expect.
Episode 5: Don't Give Up
Date Aired: Aug 04, 2009

Description: Kat tries to break the stereotype of girls doing everything a boy can do by joining a class to fix cars. Bianca and Joey become lab partners. Chastity makes a deal with Bianca for the top spot as a cheerleader provided Joey passes his Chemistry paper and plays for the team.
Episode 4: Don't Give a Damn About My Bad Reputation
Date Aired: Jul 28, 2009

Description: Kat learns that first impressions aren't everything when she makes a shocking discovery about Patrick. Meanwhile, Bianca decides that it's time to rid herself of her squeaky clean persona. To do this, she starts a rumor about her recent conquests with an older guy. After hearing all of the rumors, Cameron's feelings are instantly hurt.
Episode 3: Won't Get Fooled Again
Date Aired: Jul 21, 2009

Description: Bianca asks Cameron to help her to fit in with the popular group at a party. However Bianca's dad forbids her from attending the party.
Episode 2: I Want You to Want Me
Date Aired: Jul 14, 2009

Description: Bianca arranges a charity event for the cheerleading squad to impress Chasity. But her plan ends up raising more questions than money. Will Bianca get her flowers? Will Cameron ever get the guts to express his feelings? While Bianca waits for her carnations to arrive, Kat deals with a stalker and wonders in secret whether Patrick will send her a carnation.
Episode 1: Pilot
Date Aired: Jul 07, 2009

Description: The Stratford sisters, Kat and Bianca, are two very different people with very different views on life. They start at a new school after moving from Ohio to California, and they have one thing in common: they both know strategy is the key. Bianca wants to be popular so she decides to hang out with Chastity, the head cheerleader, and she tries out for the squad. Cameron, an unpopular student who just wants a girlfriend, falls in love with Bianca the moment he sees her. Meanwhile, Kat gets on Chastity's bad side after damaging her car and finds herself continuously being in the same place as Patrick, a mysterious guy rumored to know the taste of human fleshhh. Source: Wikipedia.com
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