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Liz Lemon, head writer of the sketch comedy show “TGS with Tracy Jordan”, must deal with an arrogant new boss and a crazy new star, all while trying to run a successful TV show without losing her mind. Source: IMDB.com

30 Rock Season 5

Episode 20: 100th Episode
Date Aired: Apr 21, 2011

Description: When Hank Hooper threatens to cancel "TGS", Jack convinces him to allow Liz and company the chance to do their 100th episode. To produce the best show possible, however, Liz must deal with less-than-ideal working conditions. Amidst the chaos of show preparation, Jack starts doubting a key decision in his life and Jenna contemplates motherhood.
Episode 19: I Heart Connecticut
Date Aired: Apr 14, 2011

Description: Liz and Kenneth scramble to find Tracy before TGS is cancelled. Jack makes sure Jenna's latest project is a success. Pete challenges the staff to a strength contest.
Episode 18: Plan B
Date Aired: Mar 24, 2011

Description: Liz tries to reassure her staff that the show's forced hiatus is temporary, but everyone starts to focus on their fallback plans.Meanwhile, Jack attempts to salvage a cable network by enlisting his nemesis, Devin Banks.
Episode 17: Queen of Jordan
Date Aired: Mar 17, 2011

Description: Jack puts Liz in charge of an event for Angie in the hopes that she can emotionally manipulate Angie into making an appeal to Tracy. The "Queen of Jordan" cameras bring Jack some embarrassment while leaving Jenna starved for attention. A lost love returns to Frank's life, causing him to question his maturity.
Episode 16: TGS Hates Women
Date Aired: Feb 24, 2011

Description: When a blog accuses TGS of being misogynistic, Liz hires an upcoming female comedian, Abby Flynn. Liz's plan backfires when Abby seems to be falling into female stereotypes, and Liz and Jenna decide to put Abby in her place. Meanwhile, Jack Donaghy intends to become the successor to KableTown but can only achieve this by eliminating the competition, the granddaughter to the CEO, Kaylie Hooper.
Episode 15: It's Never Too Late for Now
Date Aired: Feb 17, 2011

Description: Liz slowly turns into a spinster until the crew at TGS intervenes, while Jack uses some new negotiating tactics with Kabletown.
Episode 14: Double-Edged Sword
Date Aired: Feb 10, 2011

Description: Jack and Avery go to Canada for a final romantic getaway before they become parents, but when Avery goes into labor, they do everything in their power to not give birth to a Canadian. Meanwhile, Liz's romantic getaway with Carol is ruined when their plane is stuck on the tarmac. Tracy is besieged with the unwanted responsibility of being an EGOT winner.
Episode 13: ¡Qué Sorpresa!
Date Aired: Feb 03, 2011

Description: Jack pitches a crazy idea to the new boss after he discovers that he doesn't fit in with the new "family" corporate culture, Liz pretends to be pregnant to protect Avery's secret, and Tracy and Jenna fight over a gift from Kabletown.
Episode 12: Operation Righteous Cowboy Lightning
Date Aired: Jan 27, 2011

Description: Tracy has a reality TV crew following him around which Liz tries to use to her advantage, while Jack attempts to make a profit by pre-recording natural disaster telethons. Lutz lies to the writers to make him more valuable in the event of an apocalypse.
Episode 11: Mrs. Donaghy
Date Aired: Jan 20, 2011

Description: Company budget cuts affect the TGS staff, and Liz tries to use Jack's wedding mistake in her favor. Meanwhile, Jenna and Danny share his dressing room and Tracy receives disturbing medical news that makes Angie consider a different career path.
Episode 10: Christmas Attack Zone
Date Aired: Dec 09, 2010

Description: Jack tries to ambush his mother by inviting his father and Avery to Christmas dinner, Jenna misses her ex because they won't attend "New Queers Eve" together, and Tracy tries to maintain his new "serious" image.
Episode 9: Chain Reaction of Mental Anguish
Date Aired: Dec 02, 2010

Description: Jack recommends that Liz start seeing a therapist when she worries that Carol is getting bored with their relationship. In an attempt to take Jack's advice, Liz begins talking to Kenneth about her problems. Jack also finds himself caught up in one of Tracy's schemes when Tracy tries to convince him to invest in his son's theme restaurant in Times Square. Meanwhile, Jenna and Paul celebrate their six month anniversary. Source: IMDB.com
Episode 8: College
Date Aired: Nov 18, 2010

Description: Jack worries that GE's microwave sales have improved too much without his help and tries to find glitches in their newest design. Meanwhile, Liz partakes in a crew lottery despite Jenna and Tracy's warning her not to do so. Elsewhere, the TGS writers discover that Jack is the voice of an online dictionary's pronunciation guide. Source: IMDB.com
Episode 7: Brooklyn Without Limits
Date Aired: Nov 11, 2010

Description: Jack tries to influence a Congressional election in favor of a particular candidate for the benefit of the network. Meanwhile, Liz has newfound confidence when Jenna helps her find the perfect pair of jeans. Later, Jenna helps Tracy plan a Golden Globe event.
Episode 6: Gentleman's Intermission
Date Aired: Nov 05, 2010

Description: Avery wants Jack to be less involved in Liz’s life, leaving Liz without Jack’s help when her father visits. When Tracy sees his pre-made video obituary, he gets Kenneth to help him make some changes to his life. Meanwhile, Jenna’s distraught to discover no one’s bothered to make an obituary for her and takes matters into her own hands.
Episode 5: Reaganing
Date Aired: Oct 21, 2010

Description: Jack is having a perfect day and succeeding at every task. He tries to channel his winning streak into helping Liz figure out her relationship with Carol. Meanwhile, Jenna and Kenneth enlist the help of Kelsey Grammer. Elsewhere, Tracy is trying to shoot a commercial for the Boys and Girls Club.
Episode 4: Live Show
Date Aired: Oct 14, 2010

Description: On show night, Liz Lemon grows increasingly infuriated when no one seems to remember that it's her 40th birthday. Just before the taping, Tracy Jordan becomes convinced that nothing is funnier than a performer laughing and breaking character, which he elects to do all night, much to Jenna Maroney's chagrin. Meanwhile, Jack Donaghy struggles with the consequences of his promise to give up drinking while Avery is pregnant. Source: IMDB.com
Episode 3: Let's Stay Together
Date Aired: Oct 08, 2010

Description: Jack tries to embrace diversity to satisfy a grandstanding congresswoman who could potentially block the NBC/KableTown deal, and Jenna tries to help Kenneth get his page job back. Source: IMDB.com
Episode 2: When It Rains, It Pours
Date Aired: Sep 30, 2010

Description: Liz finds out that a guy in editing is spreading rumors about her, Jack begins recording advice videos for his unborn son, Tracy takes steps to make sure he's there for his daughter's birth, and Kenneth tries to prove he has a purpose. Source: IMDB.com
Episode 1: The Fabian Strategy
Date Aired: Sep 23, 2010

Description: As season five of TGS begins, Liz and Carol are forced to confront their relationship, Jack and Avery battle over home decorating, Jenna becomes a TGS producer, and Tracy struggles with life at 30 Rock without Kenneth. Source: IMDB.com

30 Rock Season 4

Episode 22: I Do Do
Date Aired: May 21, 2010

Description: Liz believes she's found her perfect man while between weddings with Wesley, Jack has to make a decision after Nancy meets Avery, Kenneth gets fired while trying to avoid a promotion, and Jenna's boyfriend becomes a Cher impersonator. Source: IMDB.com
Episode 21: Emmanuel Goes To Dinasour Land
Date Aired: May 13, 2010

Description: Jack becomes even more entangled in his love triangle between Avery Jessup and Nancy Donovan, and he turns for advice to Liz, who is focusing on her own romantic problems. When Liz can't find a date to Floyd’s wedding, she revisits her old boyfriends in hope that a spark will reignite. Meanwhile, Tracy continues his journey to earn his EGOT. Source: IMDB.com
Episode 20: The Moms
Date Aired: May 06, 2010

Description: Liz Lemon meets her mother’s old flame, while Jack Donaghy’s mother, Colleen, gets tangled in his relationships with Avery Jessup and high school love, Nancy Donovan. Jenna’s mother, Verna returns, while Tracy learns a lesson from his “mom.” Source: IMDB.com
Episode 19: Argus
Date Aired: Apr 30, 2010

Description: Wedding fever hits TGS, leaving Liz to sort out Grizz’s dilemma when both Tracy and Dot Com want to be his best man. Jenna’s new boyfriend, Paul, raises Liz and Pete’s suspicions, while Jack is finally forced to deal with the death of his mentor, Don Geiss, when Geiss leaves him a strange but meaningful inheritance. Source: IMDB.com
Episode 18: Khonani
Date Aired: Apr 22, 2010

Description: Liz discovers that the TGS staff has been excluding her from their weekly hangouts, and strives to prove that she can be fun. Jack must choose between janitors and the shift time they both want, and Kenneth aids Tracy Jordan in being a good husband.
Episode 17: Lee Marvin vs. Derek Jeter
Date Aired: Apr 22, 2010

Description: Liz and Jenna attend singles events; Jack is torn between Nancy and news anchor Avery
Episode 16: Floyd
Date Aired: Mar 25, 2010

Description: Liz reevaluates her feelings for an old flame, Floyd, when he returns with big news, and Jack Donaghy teaches Danny Baker the finer points of pranks after the TGS writers play a trick on him. Jenna Maroney and Tracy Jordan see Kenneth Parcell in a disturbing new light after they spend a very long day listening to him tell stories about his childhood. Source: IMDB.com
Episode 15: Don Geiss, America and Hope
Date Aired: Mar 18, 2010

Description: Jack tries to save his career by getting tight with NBC's new owners, Liz cannot escape running into her "future husband" everywhere she goes, and Tracy "comes clean" about remaining faithful to his wife all these years. Source: IMDB.com
Episode 14: Future Husband
Date Aired: Mar 11, 2010

Description: Jack tries to find out why he's out the loop on a potential sale of NBC and why Don Geiss can't be found. Meanwhile, Liz looks for her "future husband," whom she met during a root canal, and Tracy launches his plan to win a Tony Award.
Episode 13: Anna Howard Shaw Day
Date Aired: Feb 10, 2010

Description: Liz can't get anyone to give her a ride home from her oral surgery, which is scheduled for Valentine's Day. Meanwhile, Jack goes out on a date with a sexy, smart journalist, and Jenna discovers that her stalker has moved on. Source: IMDB.com
Episode 12: Verna
Date Aired: Feb 04, 2010

Description: Liz Lemon takes Frank in as a roommate, and is pleasantly surprised when the two make a pact to help each other kick their bad habits. Meanwhile, Jenna Maroney turns to Jack Donaghy for help with her mother, Verna, who has come to visit. Source: IMDB.com
Episode 11: Winter Madness
Date Aired: Jan 21, 2010

Description: Liz proposes a TGS episode to be done on location in Miami in the dead of winter to boost morale, but Jack changes the locale to Boston so that he can be close to Nancy, whom he learns is about to get a divorce. Source: IMDB.com
Episode 10: Black Light Attack!
Date Aired: Jan 14, 2010

Description: When Liz and Danny further their relationship, Jack becomes jealous and plans to break them apart. Meanwhile, Tracy recruits Sue into his entourage, and Jenna auditions for a role on "Gossip Girl." Source: IMDB.com
Episode 9: Klaus and Greta
Date Aired: Jan 14, 2010

Description: Jack and Kenneth try to erase an embarrassing drunk phone message he left on New Year's day, Jenna agrees to "date" James Franco for publicity, Liz's gay cousin comes to New York to visit, and Tracy thinks his wife's pregnant with a girl. Source: IMDB.com
Episode 8: Secret Santa
Date Aired: Dec 10, 2009

Description: Jack hooks up with an old crush who found him on a social networking site, the writers invent a religion to get out of playing Secret Santa with Kenneth, while Pete vows revenge on Jenna for not pitching in on a Christmas present. Source: IMDB.com
Episode 7: Dealbreakers Talk Show #0001
Date Aired: Dec 03, 2009

Description: The tables are turned when production begins on Liz's new talk show, “Dealbreakers,” and she experiences what it's like to walk a mile in Jenna's shoes. Jack, dealing with pressure from Devin, calculates how to make "Dealbreakers" a success. Meanwhile, Tracy takes on the ultimate Hollywood challenge in order to prove his commitment to his wife. Everyone pitches in to help Tracy reach his goal, including Kenneth, Dotcom, Grizz and even Whoopi Goldberg. Source: IMDB.com
Episode 6: Sun Tea
Date Aired: Nov 19, 2009

Description: Liz tries to get an upstairs tenant to move out so she can have his apartment, Jack and Tracy consider having vasectomies, and Kenneth is put in charge of making sure the office goes green. Source: IMDB.com
Episode 5: The Problem Solvers
Date Aired: Nov 12, 2009

Description: Jack plays hardball with Liz when she rejects his offer for a talk show and signs with an agent instead. Meanwhile, the new cast member arrives and threatens to disturb Kenneth's role with the talent.
Episode 4: Audition Day
Date Aired: Nov 05, 2009

Description: Liz unsuccessfully tries to rig the audition process for a new cast member, and Jack is shunned because he has "bedbugs." Source: IMDB.com
Episode 3: Stone Mountain
Date Aired: Oct 29, 2009

Description: Jack forces Liz to travel to Georgia with him so that they can find new talent that represents the "real" America, Tracy is scared that he will be a victim of the celebrity "rule of threes," and Jenna makes friends with the writers.
Episode 2: Into the Crevasse
Date Aired: Oct 22, 2009

Description: Jack goes to Washington to answer questions about GE, and discovers that his old nemesis, Devon Banks, is leading the investigation. Meanwhile, Jenna and Tracy find new ways to punish Liz for looking for new talent.
Episode 1: Season 4
Date Aired: Oct 15, 2009

Description: Liz and Pete are forced to search for new talent, but don't want the writers to know. Meanwhile, a dispute over Jack's bonus causes Kenneth to start a page strike, Jenna goes "Country," and Tracy tries to relate to the average person. Source: IMDB.com
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