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Caprica is an American science fiction drama airing on Syfy in the fictional Battlestar Galactica universe. Set 58 years before the events seen in Battlestar Galactica, Caprica tells the story of how Colonial humanity first created the robotic cylons, who would later plot to destroy humans in retaliation for their enslavement.
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Caprica Season 1

Episode 18: Apotheosis
Date Aired: Nov 30, 2010

Description: This is the final episode of the Caprica series.
Episode 17: Here Be Dragons
Date Aired: Nov 22, 2010

Description: No description available.
Episode 16: The Heavens Will Rise
Date Aired: Nov 16, 2010

Description: The Graystones work together to contact Zoe-Avatar in cyberspace, where she and Tamara have set themselves up as virtual gods. Daniel has also enlisted the help of Sam Adama— who, of course, has his own agenda...
Episode 15: The Dirteaters
Date Aired: Nov 09, 2010

Description: The Adama brothers are haunted by the mission of their late parents and the different direction the Guatrau is taking them as they rise to new positions in the Ha'la'tha. Daniel hopes to use this with Sam by offering Cylons for Tauron, in exchange for refraining to carry out the ordered hit.
Episode 14: Blowback
Date Aired: Nov 07, 2010

Description: Others are staring down the same path as the deceased when held at gunpoint, and even still others are doing the gun-holding against another life-force. What will they do?
Episode 13: False Labor
Date Aired: Oct 26, 2010

Description: A conflict on Tauron spills over to Caprica, prompting Sam to send guns to his home world; Amanda infiltrates Clarice’s home to find information on the STO.
Episode 12: Things We Lock Away
Date Aired: Oct 19, 2010

Description: In New Cap City, Tamara tries to settle a score with Zoe; Daniel regains his company with unforeseen consequences; Clarice tries to break Lacy.
Episode 11: Retribution
Date Aired: Oct 12, 2010

Description: Lacy botches an operation launched by Barnabas, and the Adama brothers begin a campaign of coercion against Daniel’s former colleagues while Amanda tries to cope with her losses.
Episode 10: Unvanquished
Date Aired: Oct 05, 2010

Description: Clarice visits Gemenon to pitch a terrorist attack to the STO leadership, while Daniel has a meeting with the Ha’La’Tha, where he seeks support for creating a virtual afterlife.
Episode 9: End of Line
Date Aired: Mar 26, 2010

Description: When Daniel finally sets a deadline for resetting the U-87 Cylon – and unknowingly ending Zoe-A’s existence as she knows it – she makes a desperate attempt to save herself. But when her plan backfires, she finds herself out of time and out of options.
Episode 8: Ghosts in the Machine
Date Aired: Mar 19, 2010

Description: Certain that the avatar of his daughter remains in the U-87, Daniel puts it through several psychological tests to coax her to reveal herself to him, unaware that he is pushing Zoe to limits she may not be able to pull herself back from. In the V-world, Joseph continues his hunt for his own daughter, discovering that Tamara has become something he doesn't understand.
Episode 7: The Imperfections of Memory
Date Aired: Mar 19, 2010

Description: Amanda’s life spirals out of control as she begins to see visions of her brother, who died years earlier. As a result, Clarice sees an opportunity to gain her trust and we learn a dark secret from Amanda’s past that could have major implications for her life with Daniel.
Episode 6: Know Thy Enemy
Date Aired: Mar 12, 2010

Description: Rival industrialist Tomas Vergis arrives on Caprica demanding a meeting with Daniel, threatening to reveal proof that Daniel stole the chip that is key the U-87 Cylon, and Graystone’s military contract. Vergis whirls up a publicity storm that steals the heart of the Caprican public, and surprisingly serves up a friendly offer to Daniel that could save Graystone Industries. But there’s a catch to his proposal that could haunt Daniel for years to come. Clarice, panicked that off-world STO leadership has been backing a rogue named Barnabas, steps up her plans to acquire Zoe’s avatar program and may find her answer through befriending Amanda. Meanwhile, wanting to fulfill her own promise to Zoe, Lacy goes with Keon to meet the enigmatic Barnabas, opening herself up to a new world of danger. After the revelation that the avatar of his daughter Tamara is still lost in V-World, Joseph starts his quest to find her in a virtual world he knows nothing about. Source: CapricaTv.net
Episode 5: There Is Another Sky
Date Aired: Feb 25, 2010

Description: Tamara Adama is still trying to make sense of her "life" in her new world. She doesn't understand where she is or why she's there. She does begin to realize that she is not a pure game creation nor is she a human who has entered the game via a holoband. Or at least not a conscious human, which is one of the suggestions put to her to explain how she fits in. She's become friendly with a young man who spends most of his life in the cyberworld preferring it to "real" life. She asks him to contact her father. Joseph Adama meanwhile realizes that unless he can put his wife and Tamara's death behind him, his son William will take a path in life that will no doubt lead to a life of crime. Source: IMDB.com
Episode 4: Gravedancing
Date Aired: Feb 18, 2010

Description: Daniel Graystone gives in to the demands of his company's public relations experts and decides to go on talk show to talk about what Zoe has done and atone somewhat for any responsibility he wears for the terrorist attack. The decision to do so doesn't sit well with wife Amanda who now feels she misspoke and that they shouldn't blame Zoe for what has happened. The public appearance doesn't start well but Daniel gets help from an unexpected source. The police continue to investigate the crime and manage to get a warrant to search Zoe's and other's lockers at her school. The agent also get a warrant to search the Graystones' house but find nothing there either. Joseph Adama meanwhile pursues his revenge and sends his brother Sam to balance the score before he has second thoughts. Source: IMDB.com
Episode 3: Reins of a Waterfall
Date Aired: Feb 04, 2010

Description: The Graystones begin to pay a heavy price for Amanda's public declaration that Zoe was a terrorist who was involved in blowing up the train. She resigns her position at the hospital and is stalked by paparazzi. The company's stock is dropping like a lead balloon and Daniel refuses to launch a publicity campaign to try and set things right. He also has to deal with Joseph Adama who insists that he find a way for him to visit with his avatar daughter. Joseph's brother Sam adds a little muscle to be persuasive. Meanwhile, Zoe's avatar has found a way to re-enter the holopad world. Source: IMDB.com
Episode 2: Rebirth
Date Aired: Jan 29, 2010

Description: Daniel immerses himself in work following the death of his daughter. He is confused why he can only create a single intelligent robot. The answer could be that part of his daughter survived and is closer than he thinks.
Episode 1: Pilot
Date Aired: Apr 22, 2009

Description: Two men from different worlds are drawn together when a suicide bombing claims the lives of their daughters. One is Joseph Adams, a lawyer from the poor Tauron colony who hides his ethnic background in a racially tense environment and also lost his wife to the terrorist attack, leaving him to raise his young son alone. The other is Daniel Graystone, a rich and brilliant scientist native to the industrious planet Caprica who discovers that his daughter's consciousness lives on in an online avatar she made before her death. Initially united in grief, the two maybe driven apart by how far Graystone goes to return his daughter to the world.
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