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A like-able Miami police forensics expert moonlights as a serial killer of criminals who he believes have escaped justice.
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Dexter Season 5

Episode 12: The Big One
Date Aired: Dec 12, 2010

Description: Dexter barrels towards an inevitable and decisive showdown with his latest nemesis Jordan Chase. Have Dexter's missteps finally caught with him? And is Lumen destined to suffer the same fate as Rita? Source IMDB.com
Episode 11: Hop a Freighter
Date Aired: Dec 05, 2010

Description: As Dexter and Lumen methodically exact their revenge on Jordan Chase's maniacal band of brothers, their secret alliance is uncovered by Liddy. Looking to get back into the good graces of Miami Metro, Liddy's part-time surveillance job could potentially bring down Miami's most prolific serial killer and make him a local hero. With all eyes on Dexter, how will he be able to fend off Liddy and Quinn, while moving in on Jordan for one of his most complicated and meaningful kills?
Episode 10: In the Beginning
Date Aired: Nov 28, 2010

Description: Dexter discovers a possible ally; homicide uncovers evidence; Debra identifies two more suspects.
Episode 9: Teenage Wasteland
Date Aired: Nov 21, 2010

Description: While in the midst of hunting down their next victim, Dexter and Lumen are surprised by the return of an unannounced guest; Debra is assigned to the file room, but still manages to uncover new evidence in the Barrel Girl case.
Episode 8: Take It!
Date Aired: Nov 14, 2010

Description: Looking to avenge Lumen's abduction and torture as well as numerous other murders of innocent young women, Dexter puts the mysterious self-help guru Jordan Chase along with his devious head of security, Cole Harmon in his cross-hairs. But like many of Dexter's prime suspects, disposing of Chase and Harmon proves to be a more complex and labor intensive task than previously thought. Will Dexter's interest in Jordan's unique program of self-realization help him cope with the death of Rita? Or will it cause him to make a fatal mistake leading to his own demise?
Episode 7: Circle Us
Date Aired: Nov 07, 2010

Description: While helping Lumen, Dexter finds himself on a collision course with Debra and the rest of Homicide when he is called to investigate a horrifying crime scene. Meanwhile, the Santa Muerte case leads to a violent standoff between Debra and the Santa Muerte killers.
Episode 6: Everything Is Illumenated
Date Aired: Oct 31, 2010

Description: Trying to get his life back on track, Dexter hunts a new target, but is distracted and drawn into a precarious situation while helping his troubled acquaintance; Batista discovers an interesting lead in the Santa Muerte murder cases; Quinn learns some new information about Dexter from a questionable source.
Episode 5: First Blood
Date Aired: Oct 24, 2010

Description: After rescuing Lumen from her horrific imprisonment, Dexter tries to convince her to leave Miami and return home to her family. Although the trauma that she suffered has made her both phyiscally and mentally fragile, Lumen is determined to find the men that tortured and raped her and exact a justice on them that Dexter is all too familiar with. Now, Dexter's fallen angel has become an avenging one. Source: IMDB.com
Episode 4: Beauty And The Beast
Date Aired: Oct 17, 2010

Description: Dexter finds himself in a strange situation when, instead of taking a life, he has to save one. Deb has a scary confrontation with a key suspect in the Santa Muerte murder cases. Quinn continues following up on the strange similarities between 'Kyle Butler' and Dexter Morgan.
Episode 3: Practically Perfect
Date Aired: Oct 10, 2010

Description: Dexter finds himself in a strange new world when he attempts to hire a nanny for Harrison so he can continue to stalk and kill his next victim. Meanwhile, Debra, who takes the lead on a bizarre double homicide, is displeased when Batista suggests bringing in an annoying rookie officer who has her own theories on the case. Things heat up for Dexter when Quinn notices strange similarities between Trinity Killer suspect 'Kyle Butler' and Dexter Morgan. Source: IMDB.com
Episode 2: Hello Bandit
Date Aired: Oct 03, 2010

Description: In his new role as single father, an anxious Dexter tries to get his family's routine back on track, to begin the process of moving on from Rita's death. Dexter attempts to focus all his attention on the kids while curbing his dark urges. But when evidence of foul play falls into his lap, Dexter makes a horrific discovery, setting him on the trail of his next victim. Debra, trying to be the good sister, shares her apartment with Dexter and the kids only to find there's no room for her. Miami Metro has their work cut out when a grisly scene is found in a Venezuelan neighborhood. Source: IMDB.com
Episode 1: My Bad
Date Aired: Sep 26, 2010

Description: In the aftermath of last season's chilling finale, Rita's death has left Dexter feeling responsible, possibly even...guilty. Unable to deal with the trauma, Dexter makes a drastic decision that will impact everyone around him. Quinn stirs up trouble at the station when he notes that Rita's murder, which is being pinned on the Trinity Killer, doesn't fit his normal murder profile. Things get even more heated when Quinn suggests to LaGuerta that they look at the husband: Dexter Morgan. Meanwhile, Quinn offers Debra much needed support, causing her to see Quinn in a new light. Source: IMDB.com

Dexter Season 4

Episode 12: The Getaway
Date Aired: Dec 13, 2009

Description: The police close in on the Trinity Killer, who cautions Dexter to keep away. But Dexter is willing to do whatever he can to get his man, legal or not. Meanwhile, LaGuerta and Batista must answer for their breach of ethics; and Debra becomes privy to something she’s not sure she wanted to know.Source: Showtime
Episode 11: Hello, Dexter Morgan
Date Aired: Dec 06, 2009

Description: Dexter is determined to take care of the Trinity Killer/Arthur Mitchell himself, at least in part to atone for the mistake he made. When Dexter learns that Christine Hill is in custody, he realizes that the police will soon be onto Arthur, so he sets up an elaborate ruse to send them down the wrong path. It all backfires and ends in another death. Arthur also learns his real name and the work he does. Meanwhile, Rita finally tells Dexter about the kiss at Thanksgiving, but isn't quite sure what to make of his nonplussed reaction. Also, Laguerta and Batista are caught kissing on a store surveillance video and Captain Matthews is set on having them both fired. They decide there's only one way to get out of he mess they've created for themselves.
Episode 10: Lost Boys
Date Aired: Nov 29, 2009

Description: When Arthur kidnaps a young boy from a video arcade, Dexter realizes that his killing cycle has started again and that it includes four, not three, killings. The disappearance of the boy is headlines news in Miami and Dexter gets a clue as to Arthur's whereabouts when his son Jonah tells him his Dad was recently looking at houses for sale. Debra finally sits down with reporter Christine Hill to give the interview she promised. Debra turns the tables on her by becoming the interviewer and questioning how she could have managed to get to site of the Lundy and her shooting so quickly, especially since she lives over an hour away. Brenda and Batista decide that a DNA test is in order and are shocked by what they find. Christine desperately tries to contact her father to get his help. Source: IMDB.com
Episode 9: Hungry Man
Date Aired: Nov 22, 2009

Description: Dexter stops by Arthur's house for a visit and realizes that for all Arthur is in appearance the happy family man, he is in fact terrorizing his family. According to Arthur's son Josh, they are all regularly beaten. Josh is afraid to confront his father and invites Dexter for Thanksgiving lunch. The confrontation between Arthur and his family forces Dexter to take action. While Dexter is away for lunch with the Mitchells, neighbor Elliot kisses Rita and she clearly lets him, though she immediately regrets it. Meanwhile, Laguerta and Batista finally admit to what has been obvious for some time. Elsewhere, Joey Quinn spends the holiday with his reporter girlfriend Christine Hill, but he clearly has commitment issues and is starting to feel hemmed in. After he leaves, she gets a surprise visit from her father. Source: IMDB.com
Episode 8: Road Kill
Date Aired: Nov 15, 2009

Description: Dexter has always known his father’s Code was meant to protect him from exposure. But after committing a serious mistake, he wonders if it could have been designed to protect him from something even more dangerous – human emotion. When he discovers that Trinity is planning an out-of-town trip, Dexter sees an opportunity to ride along and gain insight into the mind of a fellow monster. Even so, Dexter isn’t prepared for the startling revelations Trinity makes along the way, revelations about his own past which only serve to convince Dexter of what he must do. Meanwhile, back at Miami Metro, Debra refuses to let a technicality keep her off the Trinity case. She works through others to ensure her voice is heard – that is, until she realizes that her single-minded pursuit of the Trinity Killer may have blinded her to the truth. Source: IMDB.com
Episode 7: Slack Tide
Date Aired: Nov 08, 2009

Description: Dexter finds himself enjoying a brief moment of tranquility. He’s finally managed to strike a balance between work, family… and other pursuits. But he’s keenly aware that times like these aren’t meant to last. When Miami Metro discovers a string of murders connected to a prominent photographer, Dexter sees an opportunity for a clean kill. However, his plans seem to be thwarted every step of the way. Quinn has taken a renewed interest in Dexter’s nightlife. Dexter’s plans to keep Astor and Cody distracted with new activities soon backfire. Even Harry disapproves of Dexter’s choice of pastime, urging him instead to focus his efforts on the Trinity Killer. Meanwhile, Debra returns to work, frustrated to find everyone treating her with kid gloves. She decides to concentrate on her pursuit of the Trinity Killer as well as delving into her father’s checkered past – investigations which Dexter fears might lead her to danger – or worse, the truth. Source: IMDB.com
Episode 6: If I Had a Hammer
Date Aired: Nov 01, 2009

Description: Dexter knows it’s only a matter of time before Miami Metro discovers the Trinity Killer’s latest handiwork. Therefore, he has to work doubly hard to stay one step ahead of their investigation. Dexter has begun to realize that the closer he gets to Trinity, the more he stands to learn from this very different beast. Trinity hides behind a well-kept mask, and getting behind that facade will require some extra prodding on Dexter’s part. Meanwhile, Debra becomes frustrated when she finds herself shut out from her own case. She considers bending the rules in the name of justice, risking her career in the process. LaGuerta and Batista come to regret a major decision, and realize that by playing by the rules they may have painted themselves into a corner. And when the friction between Rita and Dexter comes to a head, Dexter gleans relationship advice from a most unlikely source. Source: IMDB.com
Episode 5: Dirty Harry
Date Aired: Oct 25, 2009

Description: With Debra recovering in the hospital, Dexter re-doubles his efforts to locate the Trinity Killer. Knowing that he is following the same pattern as his murders from 30 years ago, Dexter is sure he knows where he will strike next. Afterward, he follows the serial killer to his home and is shocked by what he finds. Dexter also has some explaining to do when Rita finds out that he never gave up his apartment and still keeps some of his possessions there. Sgt. Batista plants a news item about the suspected Vacation Murderer that bears fruit. Having told her superiors of her relationship with Batista, the Deputy Chief delivers some bad news to Laguerta. Source: IMDB.com
Episode 4: Dex Takes a Holiday
Date Aired: Oct 18, 2009

Description: With Rita away with the kids away attending a cousin's wedding, Dexter finally has the freedom to find another victim. He focuses on Zoey Kruger, a police officer whose husband and child were killed in a house invasion. The blood evidence suggests that she may have actually planted evidence to incriminate a known thief and was in fact responsible herself for the killing. She hears of Dexter's investigation and warns him off in no uncertain terms, but he decides to go ahead anyway. Debra is spending more and more time with ex-Agent Frank Lundy and helping in his pursuit of the Trinity killer. Her boyfriend Anton has noticed but she assures him he has nothing to worry about. Unexpected events forces Debra to re-evaluate her relationships. The Trinity Killer realizes that Lundy may be on to him. Det. Quinn is still sleeping with reporter Christine Hill but she may have stepped over the line with her latest story. Laguerta and Angel Batista argue whether they should inform their superiors of their relationship. Source: IMDB.com
Episode 3: Blinded by the Light
Date Aired: Oct 11, 2009

Description: Dexter is facing some marriage and parenting challenges. Rita is mothering him somewhat after the accident and is not allowing him to drive, as per the doctor's orders. Step-daughter Astor is growing up and everything Dexter does seems to be the wrong thing. The neighborhood watch committee goes into action when someone vandalizes property. Dexter soon has a bead on the likely culprit and decides to put his own skills to work. The Trinity Killer strikes again but Debra and ex-Agent Lundy are the only ones who seem to think the death is part of the serial killer's work. Spending a lot of time with Lundy may not be good for her relationship Anton, however. Still worried about what Dexter saw, Joey Quinn continues to try and make nice. He's also still feeding information to the journalist he's sleeping with.
Episode 2: Remains to Be Seen
Date Aired: Oct 04, 2009

Description: A sleep-deprived Dexter desperately tries to remember where he hid the body parts of his latest victim. Source: IMDB.com
Episode 1: Living the Dream
Date Aired: Sep 27, 2009

Description: Dexter's sleep deprivation puts both his day job and his nighttime hunting in jeopardy. Lundy is back in town to capture the Trinity Killer - someone he can't even prove exists. Source: IMDB.com
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