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In the unreal world of Sacred Heart Hospital, intern John “J.D” Dorian learns the ways of medicine, friendship and life. Source: IMDB.com

Scrubs Season 9

Episode 13: Our Thanks
Date Aired: Mar 17, 2010

Description: The med students are coming around to the end of their first semester of med school and begin to figure out their medical specialty. The students are also in charge of giving a speech at a ceremony to thank the families of the cadavers that they have been studying. Source: TV.com
Episode 12: Our Driving Issues
Date Aired: Mar 10, 2010

Description: Cole is depressed when nobody but Lucy shows up for his melanoma procedure, Dr. Kelso loses some of personal independence after some tests, and Drew discovers that Dr. Mahoney has the same personality as Dr. Cox. Source: IMDB.com
Episode 11: Our Dear Leaders
Date Aired: Jan 26, 2010

Description: Turk is jealous when he is upstaged by a talented visiting surgeon, and the study group falls apart when Dr. Cox removes Drew from the group so that Drew can shadow him. Source: IMDB.com
Episode 10: Our True Lies
Date Aired: Jan 19, 2010

Description: Dr. Cox tries to find out which member of Lucy's study group cheated on a test, Drew gets in trouble when he tells Denise he loves her and then makes the situation worse, and a patient irrationally chooses surgery over treatment. Source: IMDB.com
Episode 9: Our Stuff Gets Real
Date Aired: Jan 12, 2010

Description: J.D. and Elliot's sex life disappears as they get closer to the birth of their child, Dr. Cox refuses to sign his will after a patient dies, and Lucy is terrified of cutting a familiar cadaver for a group exam. Source: IMDB.com
Episode 8: Our Couples
Date Aired: Jan 05, 2010

Description: Lucy struggles to acknowledge that she likes Cole, Dr. Cox and Dr. Turk's rivalry is put aside for a gravely ill patient, and Denise plays a prank on the security guards at the hospital.
Episode 7: Our White Coats
Date Aired: Jan 04, 2010

Description: Cole reveals Drew's most embarrassing moment when Drew beats him out as the speaker at the white coat ceremony, while Denise turns to Turk and Eliot for more relationship advice. Source: IMDB.com
Episode 6: Our New Girl-Bro
Date Aired: Jan 01, 2010

Description: While Turk struggles to find a replacement best friend, Elliott offers some sound advice and guidance to an over-worked and exhausted Lucy. Source: IMDB.com
Episode 5: Our Mysteries
Date Aired: Dec 22, 2009

Description: JD spends his final day as a teacher trying to find out who gave him a negative review, Lucy looks for a "blood buddy," and Dr. Cox tries to convince Denise that Drew has taken charge of their relationship.
Episode 4: Our Histories
Date Aired: Dec 15, 2009

Description: J.D. and Turk show up in costume at a med student's party. Meanwhile, Kelso bids a fond farewell to Ted and Gooch. Source: IMDB.com
Episode 3: Our Role Models
Date Aired: Dec 08, 2009

Description: When Drew lets Dr. Cox down, he is then forced to turn to JD for help. Meanwhile, Lucy asks Dr. Mahoney to be her mentor, but she is to preoccupied with her own issues as a doctor to help. Source: IMDB.com
Episode 2: Our Drunk Friend
Date Aired: Dec 01, 2009

Description: Lucy ignores Dr. Cox's advice not to get emotionally invested in her patients, and learns her lesson the hard way. Meanwhile, Denise is hurt when she becomes emotionally involved with an intern who is only in it for the sex. Source: IMDB.com
Episode 1: Our First Day Of School
Date Aired: Dec 01, 2009

Description: The doctors reunite to teach med school to a new set of students, but J.D. is not sure after his first day whether he can make a difference and connect with any of his students. Source: IMDB.com
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